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Accudent XD Impression System

Accudent XD Impression System

Accu-Dent XD represents the evolution of the time-proven Accu-Dent Impression System.


Like the original Accu-Dent, this new and improved system includes two dual-phase alginate materials for more accuracy and precision than traditional alginate impression materials. These two alginate materials (syringe and tray material) can be used in creating both dentate and edentulous impressions.

The system also includes a thermoplastic heat mouldable tray system for both dentate and edentulous impressions.

AccuDent XD Syringe material
The light body syringe material is easily moldable and is placed into the vestibules with the AccuDent XD syringe delivery system.

AccuDent XD Tray material
The heavy body tray material supports the syringe material in the mouth and makes uniform contact with the alveolar ridge, forming a “custom tray” in the patient’s mouth.

Product Benefits
Dual-phase alginate materials for more accuracy and precision than traditional alginates Thermoplastic heat moldable impression trays to accommodate all arch forms Low cost and fast set time for optimum productivity

Additional Benefits
Colour Changing properties for precise timing of impression taking Disposable tray system to prevent cross contamination and meet high OSHA standards Includes Tray Adhesive for optimal bond between tray and alginate

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