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Dental Photography

EyeSpecial C-II

More than any other health specialty, Dentistry has benefited from the trends and advances in digital photography. A well designed protocol of dental photography can be a great contribution for the orthodontic practice. Digital records may be used for several purposes, including patient records, treatment evaluation, patient counselling, training and legal uses, as well as to present the quality of procedures for marketing purposes. A good dental photography protocol may greatly enhance the dental practice.


At some time in our lives we have all used a camera, but clinical den­tal photography generally doesn’t lend itself well to the concept of “point and shoot.” The nature of the environment, the small sizes and distances involved, and the difficulty of access make dental photography an art as well as a science. And like science, there are rules that have to be obeyed, such as focus, exposure and composition. But as with art, results improve with practice and experience. Dental photography has traditionally been the preserve of the DLSR camera with specialist lens and flash accessories.


The latest generation of cameras such as the EyeSpecial C-II camera from Shofu are significantly changing the opportunities for dental professionals. This camera is one of the very first to have made it more accessible for most dentists to use digital dental photography in their normal everyday practice


As an adjunct to the practice of dentistry, clinical photography brings rewards such as the ability to share one’s work with lab technicians and patients, a sense of satisfaction in a job well done, and a great oppor­tunity to advance your dental practice

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