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Intensiv Advanced Prep Set for Cerec Restorations

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SET 222A
Diamond instruments for inlays, partial and full crowns, and fixed restorations
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Along with the Intensiv Advanced Finishing set for Cerec restorations, this bur set fulfills in an ideal manner all the requirements for  superior multipurpose preparation  and finishing goals created by Cerec 3  technology.

Product description
Inlay cavities and partial crowns:

  • 4 cylindrical burs, ISO sizes 011 and 014 with rounded edges and head lengths of 5, 6, and 8mm in grits 80 and 25μm for the preparation of precise inlay cavities and finishing of box margins while avoiding enamel fractures, as well as for partial crown preparation.
  • Tapered burs, ISO size 018, with rounded edges in 25μm grit for minimal occlusal enlargement of the box.
  • 1 thin, tapered bur, ISO size 010 in 25μm grit for finishing deep proximal boxes.

Crown Preparation:

  • 1 needle tapered bur, ISO size 012 for separation.
  • Cylindrical and conical truncated burs with rounded edges, ISO sizes 014 and 016, as well as torpedo burs, ISO size 014 in grits 80 and 25μm for circular preparations and finishing of chamfer and shoulder preparations. The torpedo burs are also used for the preparation and finishing of veneer restorations.
  • 1 football bur, ISO size 022 with tip, 80μm grit for occlusal reduction and preparation of labial parts.
  • Shape and dimension matching bur with round tip, ISO size 021, 40 μm grit, for finishing labial preparation surfaces.

Cavity preparation for inlay and partial crowns and for full ceramic bridges in zirconium oxide
Contouring and finishing of the CAD/CAM-generated occlusion

Precise cavity contours for optical identification
Preservation of healthy tooth substance
Prepolishing with reduced roughness depth

Method clinically tested by the University of Zurich

Available as a set Ref: set 222A

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