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Intensiv Berner Uni Prep Set

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SET 044B
Diamond instruments for the preparation of restorations (cast fillings) and crowns

This Intensiv diamond bur set was specially designed for efficient and tooth caring preparation of cast fillings (in-/overlays) and crowns. No further burs should usually be needed in routine preparations.

Product description

  • 5 tapered burs, ISO size 014 and 017, in 40 and 125μm grits with head lengths of 8.0 and 10.0mm for the preparation and finishing of cavities for cast fillings (inlays/ overlays).
  • 4 torpedo instruments, ISO size 011, in 40 and 15μm grits for abutment preparation and finishing for crowns.
  • 2 football burs in 125 and 40μm grits for preparation and finishing of palatal crown parts.
  • 1 flame bur, ISO size 010, in 40μm grit, for finishing of filling margins and for bevelling of preparation borders.

Restoration:  Cavity preparation for posterior cast fillings
Prosthetics:   Abutment preparations for crowns and bridges

Sharp preparation edges

Preparation method clinically tested by the University of Bern

Set Contents:
Ref: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B11, B12

Available as a set Ref: 044B

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