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Intensiv Cerec Set

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SET 022
Diamond instruments for Cerec restorations

Diamond instruments for Cerec restorations

Ref. 022:

414, 3414, 3116, 9274, 3526, 4310, 4323, 9223


Cerec preparation requires no tapering of the cavity walls and enables therefore a tooth-friendly cavity preparation. These burs fully meet the requirements


Product description

1 cylindrical bur, ISO size 014, head length 6.0mm, in 106μm grit for cavity preparation.

1 cylindrical bur, ISO size 011, head length 6.0mm, in 25μm grit for finishing the cavity margins.

2 tapered burs, ISO sizes 010 and 018, in 25μm grit for slight occlusal enlargement of the cavity.

1 torpedo bur, ISO size 011, head length 10.0mm in 40μm grit for substance-preserving veneer preparation.

2 inverted cone burs with rounded edges, in 40 and 8μm grit for occlusal contouring.

1 bud-shaped bur, in 8μm grit for fissure contouring.



Preparation and finishing of inlay and veneer cavities for the Cerec method



Precise cavity contouring for optical recognition

Preservation of healthy tooth substance

Prepolishing with reduced roughness depth

Clinically tested treatment method by the University of Zurich

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