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Intensiv Combi Prep Set: Direct Restoration

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SET 133
Diamond instruments for direct tooth-coloured adhesive restorations
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Direct restoration techniques require preparations that give primary importance to efficiency and precision. The definitive fracture-free preparation of margins plays a key role in finishing, particularly in the case of adhesive restorations. This makes the rotating and oscillating instruments designed for use with these techniques an essential aid.

Product description
4 cylindrical burs, ISO sizes 010 and 014, head length 5mm, in 80 and 25μm grits, for preparing and finishing cavities.

1 small cylindrical bur, ISO size 009 and 2 ball burs, ISO sizes 010 and 012, in 80μm grit produce very small access cavities occlusally for adhesive preparations.

3 tapered burs, short and long, ISO sizes 010 and 012, in 40 and 8μm grits for finishing enamel margins and contouring and pre-polishing tooth-coloured restorations.

1 ball bur, ISO size 024, in 40μm grit, for contouring palatal and occlusal filling surfaces.

1 Proxoshape file PS2, in 40μm grit for contouring proximal filling margins.

Preparation of cavities for aesthetic adhesive fillings in anterior and posterior teeth

Sharp-edged and fracture-free margins
Invisible tooth-coloured restorations

Method clinically tested by the University of Zurich

Available as a set Ref. 133:

Set contents
8714, 3714B, 8710, 3710B, 8212S, 8200, 8200S, 4205, 9205, 4205L, PS2*, 4400

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