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Intensiv Modular Veneer Set

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SET 099
Diamond instruments for Veneer preparations
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Ceramic veneers are generally seen today as a minimal invasive and long  lasting reconstruction form. Tooth preparation defined and restricted  to the enamel is a prerequisite for  permanent, tooth-friendly veneer  placement.

Product description

  • 1 ball bur, ISO size 009, 60μm grit, for defining the preparation margins.
  • 1 pilot bur S4, for a depth specification of 0.4mm labially.
  • 1 tapered bur FG 101 with tip for removing the enamel residue labially.
  • 1 torpedo bur FG 4310S in 40μm grit for finishing the preparation margin.
  • Flame, egg-shaped, and needle burs in 40 and 15μm grits for finishing and pre-polishing the proximal, gingival, and palatal margin area.

Preparation of veneers

Maintenance of the recommended penetration depth of 0.4 mm
Complete bur set for veneer preparations

Available as a set Ref: Set 099

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