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Non Reflective

Non Reflective

Intensiv AntiReflex

The dull black surface of the Intensiv AntiReflex diamond dental bur range allows a glare clear view on the operating field despite strong illumination of the field. More and more treatments take place with magnifying visual aids as well as protective glasses and standard mouth mirrors, this in addition to the increasingly strong illumination of the operating field. This trend causes the dentist to deal with the disturbing effect of the light reflection caused by shiny instrument surfaces.

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Product description

The Intensiv Anti Reflective diamond rotary instruments have a dull black surface which avoids light reflections caused by standard diamond instruments.

Minimally invasive treatments
Micro-invasive treatments
Treatments with magnifying optical devices, protective glasses and standard mouth mirrors

Non-reflecting instrument surface
Glare-free view on the operating field
Better contrast of the  instruments to the operating field
No eye irritation

Also available as a set Ref: Set 110A

FG variants Sold in Packs of 5 plus one FREE

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ISO 1/10 mm 007 008 009 010 010 010 011 011 012 012
L mm - - 4.0 2.8 2.8 3.0 2.0 3.8 5.0 -
Radius (Anti-Reflective Coated) 801 801 838 830R 830L 956 379 830L 860 801

314 001 524 Std 106μm
314 001 524 80μm
314 235 524 80μm
314 236 524 80μm
314 139 514 50μm
314 235 514 40μm
314 247 514 40μm
314 699 514 40μm
314 277 514 40μm
314 001 514 40μm
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