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Virtual® Monophase

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Ivoclar Virtual Monophase
Hydrophilic precision impression material -Type 2 Medium consistency

At a glance

  • Excellent adaptation to the moist oral hard and soft tissues
  • Excellent moisture displacement
  • Exceptional readability and precision
  • Flexible working times and fast setting phase
  • Fresh peppermint scent
  • Outstanding balance of physical properties
  • Final impressions used for the fabrication of indirect restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers)
  • Dental implant impressions
  • Matrix for “wax-ups“ or treatment planning study models
  • Edentulous impressions
  • Matrix used to create temporary restorations

Excellent detail reproduction
The combination of the polymer and innovative, spheroid silicone micro-fillers ensures exceptional precision  and excellent reproduction of anatomical details.

Outstanding dimensional stability
As Virtual impressions maintain their dimensional stability for up to two weeks, there is no need to pour models immediately. Virtual impression materials are easy to disinfect and several models can be poured from one impression.

Superior elastic recovery
Virtual impressions are easy to remove from the patient’s mouth and elastically recover from the deformation of removal.

High tear strength
The excellent tear resistance of Virtual reduces the risk of tearing fine margins.

Hardness adjusted to the clinical needs
Final hardness values that increase from Virtual Extra Light Body to Virtual Heavy Body ideally contribute to achieving good impressioning results.


Available in both fast and regular setting times (2:30 min / 4:30 min), the system features the five viscosities Putty, Heavy Body, Monophase, Light Body and Extra Light Body.

The system is complemented by a full line of accessories, including a tray adhesive.


Virtual® Monophase
Available as:

Ref: 562831      Regular Set - Refill 2 x 50 ml, 12 small mixing tips
Ref: 572829      Regular Set - Multi pack 12 x 50 ml, 72 small mixing tips
Ref: 562832      Fast Set - Refill 2 x 50 ml, 12 small mixing tips
Ref: 572828      Fast Set - Multi pack 12 x 50 ml, 72 small mixing tips

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